Cherry Almond Bread with Cherry Glaze

Cherry Almond Bread with Cherry Glaze

This Cherry Almond Bread with Cherry Glaze recipe is a guest blogger submission.

cherry almond bread

This easy quick bread is chock-full of maraschino cherries and almond flavor, and drenched in an unbelievable maraschino cherry-almond glaze! A perfect treat for Valentine’s Day!

cherry almond bread

With two entire bottles of diced maraschino cherries in the batter, and a seriously bold and intensely-flavored maraschino cherry glaze smothering the whole bread, this sweet bread is as decadent as cake. Slivered almonds and almond extract give it loads of flavor in the nut department too.

It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and you can whip this up without a mixer! It’s a super simple quick bread recipe, but it’s pretty in pink, sweet, and indulgent!

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