Peach Croissants with Orange Liqueur Frosting

Peach Croissants with Orange Liqueur Frosting

This Peach Croissants with Orange Liqueur Frosting recipe is a guest blogger submission.

Orange liqueur and peaches shine in this decadent but simple semi-homemade brunch recipe.

The peach and blueberry are a great combo that make me dream of summer even if it’s the middle of winter! I wrap the peaches in store bought crescent rolls to make this dish a little more filling, and it’s great as an indulgent breakfast or dessert. Per Meaghan’s suggestion I added some booze to the recipe. It’s a weekend breakfast right?! So booze is ok at any time of the day! Ha!

OK, it’s not that much, but I did add a few tablespoons of Grand Marnier to the cream cheese icing for these bad boys and the result was genius.

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