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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey everybody! This is Chris Ashbach from We started our blog back in 2012 and one of the first things we did was start working with IZEA (back then it was SocialSpark). It didn’t take long for IZEA to be a big part of our strategy to monetize our blog. In just a few short years I went from hobby-blogger to professional.

Now, you may see me out and about live streaming and making content everywhere but my home. In fact, if we are not out in the garden or traveling we seem to be shuffling kids around. You see me more live on Periscope doing my daily social tips than anything, and it is becoming more and more important to be integrated and connected through my phone.

daily social tips

We like to stay cutting edge with tech, and I want to tell you about the new IZEA app.

IZEA is announcing a new iOS application designed for bloggers and social media marketers. Download here: IZEA iOSI can’t tell you how excited I am to use this! I have a family of six and run blogs that require a lot of travel. Between sports, travel, and life in general, I find myself waiting in cars, or arenas for hours a day. That can make it difficult for me to have access to my computer and the internet. But with IZEA’s new app, I can access my account anywhere!

So here’s another reason I secretly am so excited about this app: I love fishing and I can take my boys out for an afternoon and still get work done (shhh … don’t tell anybody).

I have been using the app and it is very intuitive. I can quickly see my account overview or get busy working. I can now browse, bid, and negotiate opportunities then cash out right on the app. Plus, the app integrates so I can Vine, Tweet, and submit Instagram photos without leaving the app. Talk about making it easy! I was at the super market earlier waiting for a prescription and was able to check through my opportunities with ease. 


First, go to the app store and download this app: IZEA iOS (In the following screenshots, I blanked out any personal bids or rewards in plain white, be assured, that that information is easily seen on your screen. I left the dollar sign where the bid or reward was).


Then, sign in.


From there you can see your profile, or visit the menu. This app is very intuitive and you will get it right away.


Here is the menu. If you know the IZEA site, this will make a lot of sense to you.  IMG_4598

Let’s say I want to look at the opportunities I have at the moment. I can just hit dashboard and I go right to them.


When I find an opportunity I want to bid on, I can tap it and it gives me more information and a place to bid.


It is easy to go back and see the pending, published, and completed jobs from the menu. I took a screen shot of the “Complete on Web” page to show the recent sponsored posts I have done.


This app is going to make my workflow more efficient, finding jobs easier, and make me more productive which goes strait to my bottom line. I appreciate working with companies who understand tech and know how to effectively integrate it into real life work.

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