5 Kitchen Decorating Ideas You Will Love

5 Kitchen Decorating Ideas You Will Love


An apartment, a sprawling cottage or a mansion – if there is one thing common in them, it is the kitchen. After all, it is in the kitchen where we spend time cooking up a sumptuous meal, doing dishes, baking yummilicious desserts or exchanging notes on the island over the day’s activities. Therefore, a kitchen will always remain an integral part of our home and its focal point. Keeping these factors in mind, here are some nifty decorating ideas for your kitchen you are bound to love.

1. Clean up the clutter

Begin by decluttering your kitchen area. The kitchen clutter consists of numerous odds and ends. There are utensils that have never seen the light of the day, exotic ingredients or condiments that are no longer fit for consumption, accessories and gadgets that you bought on a whim, crockery you got as gifts but don’t intend to use etc. The list can just go on.

You need to take a call and throw out every single thing you haven’t used for a period of a year or more.

Start by clearing up the cabinets, drawers and counters, moving on to the countertop and storage area. This will help you clean up the visual mess, leaving you with more space to utilize and decorate.

2. Chalk the wall up!

Add a bit of edge to your kitchen by chalking it up! Paint a section of your kitchen entirely using chalkboard paint, which is in vogue these days and see the difference that it makes.

It can be a corner of the kitchen, the cabinets, a wall, the backsplash, the refrigerator or even the top of the kitchen island. It doesn’t cost a bomb and you can easily find inspirations in DIY tutorials available online, following which you can give your kitchen an instant makeover.

The best part is that this décor tip suits both modern and vintage kitchen designs.

3. Go green

No matter what the color scheme of your kitchen is, a hint of greenery is always a welcome sight. Apart from including a vase of fresh flowers on the dining table or kitchen island, there are many ways through which you can include indoor plants as a part of the kitchen décor.

For instance, you can create your very own herbs garden using jars or tins of common herbs such as rosemary, oregano, basil etc. Place the herbs side by side on your kitchen countertop to add a lovely touch of green to your kitchen. Just make sure that they get plenty of sunlight and tend to them regularly in order to prevent them from wilting.

Alternatively, you can place flowering plants or plants with beautiful leaves along the window ledge (which is often behind the kitchen sink) to liven up the space. Another tip is to place bonsai plants and trees at different corners of the kitchen.

4. Washi tape, Washi tape everywhere!

It is not just crafters who are obsessed with decorative Japanese tapes or Washi tapes. Extensively used in many interior decoration projects by amateurs and professionals, these can instantly transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

You can get these tapes in multiple colors and patterns of your choice and use them to:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are just so many endless experiments, which you can carry out by using Washi tapes. All that you need to do is let your imagination fly.

5. Deck up the refrigerator

Kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators tend to stick out like a sore thumb with their somber, sleek appearances. It is about time you turn your focus to these appliances and make sure that they blend-in with your decorated kitchen.

Since the refrigerator is the most versatile and probably the biggest of all the appliances in your kitchen, let’s take a look at some points that will help you give it a less boring look.

  • Bring out the artist in you and paint the door(s) in colors and patterns of your choice. You can paint it in an accent color or settle for monochromes.
  • Invest in customized refrigerator magnets, which are available in numerous variants. After all, there is no such thing as “too many fridge magnets”!
  • If the refrigerator isn’t built-in, then use the space on the top to display various souvenirs or glass bottles in different shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you can also place various knick-knacks such as coasters, napkin rings and doilies in pretty wicker baskets and place them on the top of your refrigerator.

Bonus tips

Now that you know how you can go about decorating your kitchen, here are some more tips that will prove to be useful. These include but are not limited to:

  • Spray painting the faucets, the knobs of drawers and the handles of cabinets.
  • Placing a glass shelf on one corner and displaying all your colorful crockery accumulated over the years.
  • Highlighting your kitchen floor with a pretty rug.
  • Flaunting your colorful mug collection by hanging them on pegs right above the countertop.
    Using quarter size plates as quick, cost-effective and yet, pretty wall décor.
  • Putting a fresh coat of paint on bar stools and use them for seating.
  • Repurposing vintage cake stands by using them to store kitchen towels and napkins or just about anything that comes to your mind.

Wrap up

So, these are some of the easy décor tips that will completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. Want to share any other decoration tips, which we haven’t covered in this list? Do share them with us via your comments.

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