Primrose Passion

Primrose Passion

This Primrose Passion post is a guest blogger submission.

Primrose Passion

Several years ago my good friend gave me a clump of her primroses. These were the same ones that her father grew, so not only were they beautiful, they were special. They have been faithful bloomers for years, showing up early in the spring when you are desperate for some flower love.

You can see in the picture above that this primrose is slightly different from the grocery store ones. These have a bright yellow center, surrounded by pinky-red petals with the slightest white border. The flowers are grouped on stems like a tiny bouquet of their own. They flower for a short time while leaving the leaves for the rest of the season, and have managed to come back every year I’ve had them. So I did some digging to find out more about the specific variety of Dino’s primroses, so that I can have more primroses like them in my garden.


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