Advantages of Concrete Coating that You Should Know About

Advantages of Concrete Coating that You Should Know About

Concrete work

If the concrete in your driveway has chipped off from various places there are two types of options that you have. In old days you would have preferred to get all the concrete from the floor removed and get it redone. But, in the present day you need not opt for the cumbersome procedure because now you have the concrete coatings.

What Is Concrete Coating?

Concrete coating involves the use of a cement-based substance that comes blended with polymer resins, sand and various other additives. Many a time acrylic is also used as an additive because it provides higher bond strength to the overlay and also protection of the concrete from ultra violet radiation. The different concrete coatings differ in their physical appearance because of the different types of combinations and additives that may be present in them. This type of coating makes your floor durable and glossy, and the floor can last long even after regular wear and tear.

Advantages of Using Concrete Coatings

If you want to give a facelift to the worn out concrete of your home or any commercial building this option is the cheapest and the most effective one as it does not cause much burden on your pockets and still has the same effect as a new floor would have. Here are listed a few benefits of using this option of floor renovation.

  • The cost of the getting the complete concrete removed and get it replaced with a new layer would be a very expensive affair therefore you must opt for concrete coatings that are a great way to get to get the new and fresh floor without imperfections.
  • The floor which has been coated with concrete is a durable floor and can withstand even heavy loads without the fear of breakage. The durability of the floor comes from the resin polymer that is added to the coating.

Concrete Coating

Concrete Coating has Multiple Applications:

The floors that have been coated need no particular maintenance. This makes it all the more favorable kind of coating because there is hardly any time in someone’s life to spend it on maintaining floor.

  • The concrete so covered becomes resistant to the UV rays as this layer protects it from UV rays too.
  • This coating can be effectively used in the swimming pools as it is also non slip material. It prevents the slipping of people on the floors.
  • Even if these floors are used in commercial places they remain durable because these coatings are resistant to salts and other kinds of chemicals making them most suited for the factories where there is a lot of use of chemicals.
  • The floor also becomes scratch resistant once it has concrete coating over it this makes it useful in the areas like the drive way and where there is lot of movement.
  • If your house is in an area that experiences snow or if you have such work where the temperatures go down below zero degrees Celsius then you must get the concrete coating done as it is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.

If you call the concrete coating professionals, they will be able to measure the floor area and carry in with the best materials that are needed for the flooring. Also, if there are cracks and fragmenting of the concrete has taken place, you must look for other options. The use of concrete coating in such cases will not help instead you must remove the concrete and get it replaced in an old fashioned way. Yes after the new concrete layer is done you can think of increasing its life by getting the concrete coating done.

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