North Cascades National Park by Motorcycle

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The area around Ross Lake has lodging facilities and other services. Other than that you need to bring everything you need with you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.11.03 PM
Part of Ross Lake
Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.11.19 PM
Beautiful waters of Ross Lake.

From the overlook at Ross Lake SR20 follows the Skagit River until exiting the park. The Skagit valley is spectacular and a worthy destination on it’s own.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.10.39 PM
Small bridge and side road leading to the Ross Lake Lodge.

The one regret we always have is that while it is fun to see these national parks by motorcycle, it is not very practical for long visits. We have had a bad experience in Yellowstone where one of the bikes was tampered with while parked. The resulting damage was extensive and costly. It is hard to secure your valuables on a motorcycle and going for a long hike is asking for trouble.

Captain Dan’s tips:

Always check on the condition of CR20. It is closed in the winter and like we found out it was closed during a big fire. It is the only road through the park and it is long way around.

There are limited services along most of the highway so bring what you may need if you are not staying at a lodge in the park.

This is a beautiful area of the country that deserves a few days to explore. Winthrop is an old west town with boardwalks and is worth a visit.

The Skagit Valley is a great place to visit too. Check the calendar for events like the tulip festival. Like Kuekenhof Gardens only they speak english.


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