How To Run A Business As A New Parent

How To Run A Business As A New Parent

Any parent will tell you that the first few years of their newborn’s life are a wonderful, exciting learning experience. They’ll also tell you that it’s a stressful time, resulting in a lack of sleep and reduced productivity. But the world won’t stop turning just because you’re little one is growing up. For many business owners out there, there’re a few tips that can reduce the stress of combining parenthood with work. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds.

This list isn’t going to change your world overnight; you’re going to have to do that. Here’s the good part: it can be done. There are many successful business owners who have made it through this time and they have thrived. That’s not by accident; they’ve taken specific steps to manage their work/life balance. Let’s go through some tips on how to streamline this process, and you’ll be happy and successful in no time.

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  • Know When To Call It Quits For The Day.


This is an incredibly important point that you should not overlook. It’s tempting for any business owner to want to work 24/7, but it’s just not possible. Taking your work home and letting it affect your home life at this important time should be avoided at all costs. Start asking some of your employees (if you have any) to give you summaries of the day’s activities via email. Find other ways to keep in the loop without needing to work from home. Finishing that last document is not worth the sacrifice on your family time; it can always wait until tomorrow. It’s so important to make sure that you don’t lose the most precious moments of a child’s life. The way you act now has a bearing on how their future will be influenced. Ignoring them isn’t an option.
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  • Take Holidays.


Following on from that point, it’s also important to get away from the house now and again. DON’T take the laptop with you, or anything else that could tempt you to get some work done. Holidays don’t necessarily have to mean going abroad, either. Go somewhere local, show your child different parts of the country, and allow yourself to relax a bit. When you come back, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go, and your productivity will inevitably benefit. If you’re in a relationship, holidays are also a great way to get reacquainted with one another, even with a child that demands attention. Your improved mood will do wonders for your work life.

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  • Make It Easier For Yourself.


It sounds silly, but a lot of business owners neglect things they don’t understand. That often relates to technology.

There’re so many ways in which you can improve your output, and it won’t take much effort (or money). You might have an old mobile phone, but consider upgrading to the latest version. This way, you can check your emails and download business-related apps on the go (just don’t take it into your home life).

That cheap printer in the corner could be replaced by a multi-purpose machine. The folks at advise that “Copy and print machines come in a range of sizes with varying features”. So, get something that scans, photocopies, punches holes and much more. Pick up a cheap tablet for the office that you can check social media apps with throughout the day. Are you even on social media? Talk to one of your employees, or find a self-help guide on the internet. If you can become efficient in social media, your business can practically manage itself while you’re not there.

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  • Don’t Be A Business Martyr.


Unless you’re self-employed, and there’s literally no choice in the matter, don’t be a martyr! The biggest key to burnout is trying to run a company all on your own. I get it, it’s tempting, but you’re risking so many things by doing this. Your home life will suffer, because there’s no way of knowing everything that’s going on without arriving early and going home late.

Additionally, your employees will start to become fed up with you. Occasional chat and being aware of what’s going on is important. Taking charge and issuing demands is not, especially in areas of work that you don’t even understand yourself. Take a step back, breathe a little, and reassure yourself that everything will be alright. You hired these people for a reason; allow them to do their jobs and focus on yourself.

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  • Improve Your Productivity At Work.


We’ve touched on productivity a little already, but here’s what I mean by this. It’s very easy to fall into a cycle of relentless meetings, which often run overboard. Honestly, as much as we moan about them, we quite like the ability to step away from the usual workload grind. There’s a point where it becomes too much.

If you’re stressing at night about a lack of productivity, you need to start looking at how you manage your time. Cut out the constant meetings (or, at least reduce them in length). Quit browsing websites for new pieces of tech, or new gear that needs to be ordered; give that task to one of your employees. Do what needs to be done. Set yourself daily tasks and ensure that they’re done well before you go home. If it can’t be done, it will have to wait until tomorrow. No if’s, no but’s. It waits until tomorrow.

I know it’s hard. No-one ever said that managing a business and raising a family was easy, but it can be done. In years down the line, you won’t be thinking about how important those long work nights were. You’ll be reminiscing about your child growing up, and all of the wonderful memories that you’ll have created. As important as work might be, your bond with your child is so much more crucial in the long run. Don’t neglect them, be grateful for your family, and leave the work where it belongs.


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