Pool Leak Detection services for the best maintenance of your Swimming Pool

Pool Leak Detection services for the best maintenance of your Swimming Pool

Leak Detection Service

Pools usually lose water through the process of evaporation or water splash. Usually, a pool loses about one fourth inches of water everyday, due to evaporation. However, sometimes, a pool could lose a lot more due to leakage. Leakages, if not fixed, can be destructive, as they can take a toll on your resources. There are many agencies that provide pool leak detection services. But you must hire the reliable ones, who can detect the source of leakage and repair it, so that there is no loss of water or no mold development along the sides of the pool.

Different ways to Detect a Pool Leak:

A pool leak detection service wok well to find out the extent and manner of pool leakage, thus telling you about the precautionary measures and suggesting ways to maintain the pool for a long time.

  • Check if there is water around the pool even when no one is using it. If that’s the case, there is a chance that water leakage is taking place from the pool.
  • Check if water level of the pool is going down even after evaporation has taken place.
  • See if you notice any cracks in the pool. Cracks are usually the most common cause of pool leaks, and must immediately be fixed.
  • See if there are some water spots or soggy spots near the pool, which indicate water leakage from the pool.
  • Check whether even after adding water to the pool through pumps, the water level is still down. That clearly means that water is leaking through some channel, which needs to be identified and fixed.

Mark water level and listen to any sound of running water
This is a common technique to detect leakage. Mark the water level of the pool by using a tape. Apart from this, you should immediately call in a pool leak detection service if you hear the constant sound of running water. They check and rectify the leakage from the sides of the pool, or near the basement, so that water does not get wasted.

Bucket Test
This is a simple technique which can easily detect pool leakage. Fill the bucket with pool water and place it on the pool step. With the help of a marker mark the water level inside and outside of the pool. Leave it for 24 hours and check for the water level the next day. If you find that the water level has gone substantially below the outside mark, then it indicates a pool leakage.

Dye Test
This test can be only done if you have identified or suspected the leakage location. In the leakage area, put two drops of dye and turn off the water pump. Wait for some time. If the dye is absorbed in the pool area, then it indicates a gap or crack in the pool which must be fixed immediately to prevent any water leakage.

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How to Detect the Location of the Leak?

It is not easy for the common man to identify the location in the pool where the leakage is taking place. Hence, it is important to take help from a pool leak detection service to identify the location of the leak. Some tips to identify the location of the leak in the pool are: –

  • If air bubbles are present in the water, when the pump is on, then there is a leak in the suction pump.
  • If the drop in water level is near the skimmer opening, then the leak is in the filtration system.
  • If the pool is losing water with the pump on, then there is some crack in the side line of the system.

When hiring a pool leak detection service, make sure you hire a licensed contractor, since licensed providers usually have insurance in place.

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