Rocky Mountains Or Miami Beach?

Rocky Mountains Or Miami Beach?

Water sports, swimming, snorkelling are all on offer along with surfing, fishing, boating and much more. The golden sands of Miami beach really glisten underneath the shimmering sun, but don’t take it from me, see for yourself!

Maybe you are more of a mountain lover. Who could help but be hypnotised by the white-capped vistas of Colorado. If the idea of sand brings yoSo you are planning a vacation? Awesome! You are in for a lot fun both planning and the trip itself. You probably already have an idea of where you will stay. But if you don’t, follow this rough guide on a couple of ideas that are opposite ends of the spectrum.

There are lots of dramatically beautiful places to holiday in the United States. Each offers something totally different. First, you need to settle on a shortlist of locations that you would love to visit. If you are after a beach holiday, the two most obvious places to look at are Florida and California. After all, these are classic holiday destinations where you can find almost anything you want from a beach trip. Near the numerous beaches of both of these extraordinary states is a dazzling array of hotels like the Four Seasons or the Loews complex.

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You could choose something really fancy but be careful not to blow your budget on your room. Your vacation won’t be much fun if you can’t afford to leave your suite! When it comes to staying near the beach, there are great alternatives to hotels which can be costly and vary wildly in quality. You could rent a beach hut for example, or even indulge in some camping. Just picture the night sky as the stars come out.

If sand brings you out in a cold sweat, what about snow? The exclusive ski haven that is Aspen is a big part of Colorado’s attraction for some. Again, there are a lot of things to do. It is mainly known for skiing (and partying) but there is a host of other ways to have fun from hiking to biking. In terms of accommodation, you will come across a lot of chalet resorts but there are alternatives. Private lodges offer a lot of flexibility so research some Aspen vacation rentals for more of an idea about places to stay.

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In Colorado, you could visit the Rocky Mountain National Park and gaze in awe at the stunning scenes that surround you. If you want freedom, hire an RV and travel around this amazing area at your leisure. You can stop and stay wherever you like (so long as it’s legal!).

Did I mention the desert? Yes, that’s right! Desert, wintry mountain ranges and everything in between all live in harmony in the Centennial State.

America is a pretty big place and there is a part of it somewhere with your name carved into it. You just need to figure out where that is! Plan carefully and put in the hours in on Google (or any other good search engine) and you will definitely find something that is right for you. Somewhere easy to reach, with amazing views and fantastic accommodation is waiting for you to discover it. What are you waiting for?


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