St.Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

St.Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

This St.Patrick’s Day Cupcakes recipe is a guest blogger submission.

St.Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with this sweet cupcake that has a hidden shamrock and a cute cupcake topper!

Last weekend our entire family was down for the count with the stomach bug. We did a lot of lounging around and we watched a lot of TV.

Our choice show…Cupcakes Wars.  We all had belly aches and we were watching a food show! A few episodes in and we were hooked on this sweet and fun show!
The weekend consisted of lots of lounging, snuggling, and Cupcake Wars.

We are better now and craving cupcakes! With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner we decided to create a bakery styled cupcake that has a green shamrock shape inside and is topped with a green and white swirled cream cheese frosting.

How did we get a cute shamrock shape to be a part of the cupcake? The answer is below!

St.Patrick's Day Cupcakes

The St.Patrick’s Day Cupcake Recipe is here!

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