Top Tips for Heightening Your Senses

Top Tips for Heightening Your Senses

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As we age, our five sense deteriorate a little. These include sight, touch, hearing, smelling and tasting. But don’t worry – we’ve some useful techniques to put in place to help sharpen your senses and leave you feeling generally more alert!


Our sense of smell is an extremely important part of our well-being. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to taste our food properly. Inhaling strong smells everyday can help to sharpen our noses and improve our smelling ability over time. Try practising smelling things with intense smells such as essential oils, strong soaps and ground coffee. You can even close your eyes and try to differentiate between different smells around you. Try to remember as many details within each smell as you can. To fully activate this sense, the trick is to sniff quickly in short bursts.

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Reducing your intake of salt and sugar can make a noticeable difference to your tastebuds. They cover up the authentic taste of your food, dulling your pallet. For this reason, it’s a good idea to avoid processed foods, which are also laden with salt and sugar, messing with your tastebuds. To really heighten this sense, make sure to bring plenty of variety to your meals. Mix it up with different herbs and spices and varied cooking methods, to really stimulate your tastebuds.


Our vision is a precious thing, that needs to be looked after properly. There are a few ways to strengthen our sight and ensure our eyes are functioning as well as they should be. One method is to eat foods rich in vitaminS A, C and E.  This means all the healthy super foods, rich in nutrients such as fish, salad, vegetables and fruits.

Having adequate lighting is crucial to ensuring good vision. Never be in a position where you have to strain your eyes, and make sure your room is well lit before reading. If you’re required to be at a computer for hour long stretches, make sure to give your eyes a break by looking out the window every now and then.

If you have concerns about your eye health such as short sightedness or impaired vision, it might be worth visiting a Laser eye clinic for some specialist professional assistance.

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Listening to music (albeit, not too loud), will actually help strengthen your ear drums. Songs with many instruments will really test your hearing senses and keep them at their peak condition. Listening to loud noises such as construction work and heavy bass music will reduce your hearing ability, so stay well clear if you can.


Our sense of touch should not be underestimated. Simply making a mental note of what we’re feeling between our hands can help heighten our touch memory. whether it’s playing with fabrics in our wardrobes, or memorising details and textures of things we feel throughout the day. Doing this will stimulate our nerve endings and make us more aware of the emotions that come with each physical touch.


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