How To Not Blow The Budget On Your Travel Costs

How To Not Blow The Budget On Your Travel Costs

When travelling it’s easy to get wrapped up in the where to go. There is such a big pressure to get it right. Some people don’t get to travel as often as they like. That summer holiday needs to be in just the right place, or that weekend away has to tick all the boxes.

It’s not an easy thing to achieve. Even for seasoned travellers like myself. But with this pressure comes the risk of spending more than you need to. Holidays and travelling can be expensive, and so it’s good to know where you can save some money. The money you save can then be put towards actually experiencing your travels instead of worrying about how much it will cost.

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Booking your destination.

This is where you can end up spending the most money. But if you are sensible this is the part where you can save the most. First of all, it’s important to do your research. Search out the place you want to go, surrounding areas and hotels. Read reviews where you can and seek out the first-hand experience. This is where even reading other travel blogs like Wanderpreneurs can come in handy.

Nothing is more valuable than an opinion. But remember it is just an opinion. Don’t make your final decision on a hotel if someone didn’t like the colour of the curtains because that may not be your thoughts. But do listen to solid factual information like the food standards, or health and safety issues.

Another point on the destination is staying in places that aren’t promoted by the main tour operators. You might find that staying in a resort just 10 minutes away from your original choice might save you some money. But won’t have too much of an effect on your holiday experience. If that makes any sense.

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Exchange rates.

Travel currency is where some money can be wasted. Should you get some currency before you leave or chance to exchange when you get there? Some people prefer to change before they leave thinking they may risk spending more when they get there or becoming stuck. However, some countries want your currency as they need it. Some poorer countries welcome currency from western countries so do your research once again to find out what the best deal is.

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Plan ahead.

A lot of expense can be spent during your holiday itself. Holidays and travelling are different for everyone. Some people just like to relax while others explore more. Looking into local events and planning your trip could save you money.

Also reading reviews on the destinations and finding out about bars and restaurants will also help avoid any nasty surprises. You may be able to find out when certain nights have discounts, maybe get some coupons or even just work out your daily spend. All these things can add up to providing you a saving on your holiday expenses.

I hope some of these tips help you not to blow the budget when it comes to booking your travel.


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