Simple Design Tricks That Will Instantly Improve Your Garden

Simple Design Tricks That Will Instantly Improve Your Garden

We all want our gardens to look their best at all times. They are an extension of our homes and should be given the same amount of care and attention. But for some of us that is often easier said than done. You might not have a lot of spare time or maybe you’re unsure as to how to improve the look of your outdoor space. Designing and maintaining a beautiful garden does not come naturally to us all. But thankfully there are some tricks you can use that will transform your garden with little time and effort.

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Boost functionality with lights

Adding lights to your garden will boost its functionality no end. It allows you to use your garden for late night entertaining with friends and highlight certain features that you want to stand out. Outdoor lighting can also add some additional security to your home by discouraging thieves. Look for inspiration by researching differing outdoor lights that might work well in your outdoor space. For instance, you could use strip lights to decorate your decking or spotlights to show off your new water feature. Also, determine how much of your garden you want to be lit up. You may want every inch illuminated or just a few particular spots.

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Less is more

De-cluttering our homes can make it feel more spacious and tidy. But many people won’t even consider doing this to their gardens. But in actual fact, they can significantly benefit from this. When creating your garden, don’t make the design too complicated with too many elements. Otherwise, you will find your garden will need more care and could look messy very quickly. Some of the best gardens are the most simplest and easy to care for.  So keep things simple and don’t go too over the top when choosing decking, plants and trees. Also, remove any plants or furniture that are no longer fit for purpose and use suitable storage throughout. That way your garden will look more professional and tidy without you having to spend hours gardening.

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Utilise the space you have

One of the best design tricks you can use is planting vertically as well as horizontally. This will allow your plants and flowers to upwards and fill more of your available space. Fences, walls and pergolas can look bare without any greeners surrounding them. So use a trellis to cover these areas and use climbing plants such as Clematis and Ivy. Research which climbing plants grow at a slower rate, so you don’t have to trim them back too often. Using these plants will fill up the once bare spaces of your garden and show them in a more positive light by making them look more lush and green.

With these simple design tricks to guide you, your garden will be a space you can truly be proud of. So no matter how much time you can commit to your outdoor space, these changes will ensure it looks good no matter what. So start decorating your garden and create an appealing space where you can gladly spend your free time.


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