Canyonlands National Park Utah

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Canyonlands National Park Utah

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No question, Utah is a beautiful state. Canyonlands National Park is located in one of the most unique and interesting parts of the state.

On our visit we stayed overnight in Moab, Utah. We were on an extended road trip on motorcycles. After spending the day in Durango, CO and riding the narrow gauge Train to Silverton and back we loaded our gear on the bikes and rode over the pass to Ouray and on to Moab.

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We went from cool mountain air in Colorado to hot summer air in Moab. That’s part of the attraction of traveling by motorcycle, experiencing the great outdoors up close and personal. It is also why you dress in many layers.

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Going over the pass to Ouray, Co. It’s cold. By the end of the day we were in Moab and 100 degree weather.
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Highway 90 near Paradox, CO. enroute to Moab, UT.

After a good nights sleep we headed north on highway 191 passing the entrance to Arches National Park and turned onto highway 313 which leads into Canyonlands National Park. If you do not plan on hiking much, it is possible to visit both parks in one day. The roads in the park take just a few hours to drive. The amount of time that you spend at overlooks and hiking is all you really have to budget for.

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Moab, UT. A green oasis surrounded by red rock.
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Photo –
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Island in the Sky District – Map

The day we visited the temperature was forecast to be over 100 degrees. Plan accordingly. Bring water and don’t over do it on the trails. Many of the hikes start by going down hill. Remember, you have to walk back up to your vehicle. Riding hot motorcycles in the heat can be very tiring too.

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Schafer Canyon Overlook

Just past the Island in the Sky Visitors Center is the Schafer Canyon Overlook.

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