DIY Tricks to Cleaning the Canvas Blinds

DIY Tricks to Cleaning the Canvas Blinds

Canvas Blinds

People often resort to professional cleaning services to take care of their canvas blinds. Dust, dirt, and stains are prominently visible if you have lighter color blinds. The blinds that are used outdoors are trickier to clean than the ones in the inside. It becomes all the more difficult to get rid of the dirt from the outdoor blinds because of the presence of mildew or stains from the leaves or insects. However, if you maintain the blinds regularly, you can save your money on replacing or getting them cleaned from a professional. No matter whether the blinds are in the interiors or the exteriors, here are some serious hacks to make cleaning and maintenance easier.

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Regular Cleaning:

  • Spread an old sheet or tarp under the canvas blinds before you begin with the cleaning. This is to protect your floor or garden plants beneath the blinds from staining or getting dirty.
  • Open the blinds completely and begin with mild dusting. Use the wool duster instead of a plastic one.
  • You can even vacuum the canvas blinds. Use the brush attachment for better results. Instead of vacuuming the blinds up and down, you should follow the slats.
  • If the blinds are vertical, you should brush them downward. If you go upwards it might damage the blinds and they may unhook.
  • At times the fabric of the canvas blinds makes it hard to clean with the regular duster. In such cases you can simply use the rubber or dry sponge. Wipe off the dirt with the sponge firmly.

You can follow these measures to keep the dirt and dust off from your blinds. Regular cleaning will keep the infections away. Also, it protects the blinds from rigid grime that results from piling of dirt that is not cleaned for a long time.

Deep Cleaning:

If you notice stains or spots on the canvas blinds, then you will have to choose deep cleaning.

  • In order to get rid of the dirt that has build layers on the blinds, you can use warm water and mild detergent. Mix some detergent in a bucket full of water. Use warm water preferably. Soak a clean cloth in the mixture and wipe it across the blinds.
  • Take some all purpose cleaner on a clean cloth. Wipe it across the spot on the blinds that is soiled. Scrub it gently and see if the stains come out. Never use any cleaner on the blind directly as it may damage the fabric of the canvas.
  • For rigid stains add equal parts of mild detergent, lemon juice, salt, and liquid starch. Scrub this mixture on the rigid spots and allow it to dry. This mixture will kill all the mildew and bleach out the stain. Be careful with the mixture when you use it on colorful blinds.
  • If you have light colored fabric blinds and wish to clean and brighten them, you can use the above discussed mixture throughout the blinds. This will give it an even look. However, you need to use the mixture cautiously or else you might be left with dull and pale blinds.
  • Using a cloth to wipe the blinds or the mixture is often viewed as an elaborate procedure. Instead you can use old socks, put it in your hand and wipe the blinds neatly. Also, every time you use the cleaners on the canvas blinds, rinse them with clean water. This will remove the detergent or the cleaning residue from the blinds.

These simple tricks will help you care for your blinds without bringing in any professional help. You can also accumulate your money on getting canvas blind cleaned from a professional.

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