5 Marvellous Things to Do in Monterey County

5 Marvellous Things to Do in Monterey County

What comes to mind when you think of Monterey? Cheese? Sure Monterey Jack is probably the County’s best-known export, but there’s far more to the place than meets the eye. If you fancy a break, there is lots to do that has nothing at all to do with cheese in Monterey!

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Longing for a bit of peace? Visit Garrapata Beach. With stunning rocky coastal views, this stop right on the Big Sur is well worth a visit. A well-maintained path leads down to the beach, but there’s more to the area than this. There’s also some great hiking trails that are suitable for all levels of walkers; number four is probably the least strenuous! Back in the day, this used to be a nudist beach, but these days you’re more likely to receive a ticket, so cover up! You can give packing your swimming costume a miss anyway as the sea is too choppy to swim in.  There are dangerous rip currents that make the Pacific waters too risky to dive in!

If you’ve seen monster sized King Crab dishes and programs like Man vs. Food, but never had the chance to try it for yourself, then here’s your chance. The best restaurants in Monterey serve some of the freshest seafood you’ll find anywhere. You’ve seen “The Time Bandits” on TV? You can even eat seafood from the “Deadliest Catch” boat at Domenico’s. It’s a well kept local secret – the native fisherman rate this as one of the finest places to eat in the County

Monterey Bay Aquarium really has to be seen to be believed. The attraction has been in the news in the last few days with the birth of their latest addition, a baby otter. There’s an extensive otter conservation project going on here. Visitors were able to see the rare and beautiful sight of the mother looking after her newborn baby.  The aquarium is home to all sorts of different marine wildlife and is utterly fascinating. Situated on the historic Cannery Row, the aquarium is a firm favourite with both tourists and locals alike.

Monterey County is also well known for being home to the Pebble Beach Golf Links. This world famous course is on many a golfer’s bucket list, and it’s not hard to see why! Golf Digest named Pebble Beach as the best golf course in the USA just a few years back. The gorgeous greens and fantastic fairways here have played host to many a professional competition. It’s hosted five Open tournaments, and that’s just for a start. Golfers have been flocking to these famous links for nearly a century, why not join them?

If you’re a literary buff and book are your bag, you’ll love Monterey. John Steinbeck is probably the most famous writer to hail from these parts, but the area is awash with literary history. Henry Miller even lived here for a while, in Big Sur. The coastline’s wildlife was the inspiration for “Between Pacific Tides” by Ed Ricketts. Did you know?  The author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, spent considerable amounts of time here too!

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