Lemon Romano Pork Cutlets (low carb, gf)


Lemon Romano Pork Cutlets

This Lemon Romano Pork Cutlets recipe is a guest blogger submission, Denise is a featured food blogger on Dan330.com.


A while back I made some Chicken Romano with Lemon Butter and they were a big hit in our house. Today I give you Lemon Romano Pork Cutlets. Why? Because sometimes it’s hard for me to find thinly sliced chicken breasts and I’m not very good at cutting them myself. And I can always find thinly cut pork chops at Aldi. They put a new Aldi in just 5 minutes from my house so I’m there all-the-time. Anyway, so this is not much different from the chicken recipe but I wanted to show you that it works with pork just as well, which might be easier to find.

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