Cauliflower, Beef & Rice: Middle Eastern Top Rice

Cauliflower, Beef & Rice: Middle Eastern Top Rice

This Cauliflower, Beef & Rice: Middle Eastern Top Rice recipe is a guest blogger submission.

Cauliflower Beef & Rice collage

This one pot meal was handed down by my grandmother. It’s a great comfort food rice dish with cauliflower and beef that we call “Top Rice.” This is because if you do it right you can turn the pot upside down and the cauliflower and beef come out on top of the rice, making a nice presentation.

The color comes from adding a little ground turmeric to the water. This is something we were taught to do for any rice dish. I don’t think it makes much of a flavor difference, but it looks good, and with all the health benefits I’ve been reading about turmeric, I figure it can’t hurt.


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