Guinness Stew

Guinness Stew


In my desire to recreate the Guinness Stew I tried and loved on my most recent vacation, I’ve worked hard to come up with my own version. In my humble opinion it is pretty close to what I had in Ireland minus the cozy pub atmosphere. Now I need to find a true Irishman to see if it passes the litmus test. Like all stews, Guinness Stew is Irish comfort food: tender, juicy pieces of meat flavored with spices and cooked slowly to bring out a host of flavors. The aroma that fills your house while the stew is cooking will make your mouth water, but don’t hurry, be patient. All good things take time! Although I will confess that many a times I can’t help myself and have to try it, at least the broth by mopping it up with a piece of Irish soda bread.

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