Awesome Mushroom Puffs Appetizer

Awesome Mushroom Puffs Appetizer

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These Mushroom Puffs are SO simple and elegant. The mushroom filling is so creamy, cheesy, spicy, and earthy, and the phyllo pastry is warm, flakey, and melt in your mouth buttery.

First of all, I ♡ Easter brunch, and today, I’ve created not one, but TWO different dishes for you guys.

My first recipe creation? An amazing, elegant appetizer that I like to call: Mushroom Puffs.

All you need to do for the Mushroom Puffs filling is saute mushrooms in a little butter, stir in the Boursin Monterey Jack & Spicy Pepper Cheese, and season it with a little salt and pepper. That’s it. It’s so, so, SO simple, but honestly I think some of the most elegant recipes are those with few, but truly amazing ingredients.

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