Fiery Dragon Noodles (vegetarian)

Fiery Dragon Noodles


There’s a reason this dish is so insanely popular – it’s nutritious, it’s tasty, it’s easy and it’s reeaaalllly fast!!

Sometimes a recipe comes along that’s so perfect it doesn’t need any alterations. It doesn’t need a long-winded and probably unnecessary introduction from the blogger as to why it’s so amazing.

These Dragon Noodles are amazing, however as we made several changes to the recipe it would be rude not to give a long-winded and probably unnecessary introduction too.

Allow me to start with the history of noodles, stretching way back over 1,900 years ago. Well, once there was a…

Just kidding. There’s a link here for the real history of the noodle, otherwise the most relevant part of it is how the dragon noodle got it’s name.

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