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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette at Sam’s Club for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Each year when hockey season rolls around, it’s time to start growing my beard. I don’t know exactly where the hockey hair phenomenon started, but it is definitely the thing many of us do. I take the beard growing serisously.

Just look at this selfie I took at a charity tournament last winter.

hockey selfie

The beard and long hair has engrained itself in the hockey culture. But like all things, there is a season when it must end. That time is spring for this guy’s beard. Will my Pericope followers recognize me? I don’t know, but we will soon find out.

I’m heading over to Sam’s Club to buy the new Gillette Fusion ProShieldFusion ProShield razor. It has been literally months since I last shaved with a razor and I want a razor that is going to be kind to my face. The Gillette Fusion ProShield provides lubrication before and after the blades that shields while you shave.  I only shave 9 months of the year, which is perfect because the Sam’s Club pack lasts up to 9 months. This is there perfect razor for me.

Even if you don’t grow your beard during hockey season, buying the blade refills as Sam’s Club makes a lot of sense because the 9 month supply makes it very convenient. No more running out of blades before work or when you about to head out of town. You can count on having enough for months.

Sam’s Club

Before I forget, you have a chance to win a gift card from Sam’s Club. I have more on that at the bottom of the post.

sams club

I went to Sam’s Club to buy the Gillette Fusion ProShield razor. These are a few of the product shots. At the Sam’s Club I visited, the razors are locked up so find the display in the pharmacy section and ask someone there to get it for you. They were happy to help us.

Here’s what the display looks like:



Today is the day the hockey beard says goodbye. This year, I trimmed it regularly so it didn’t grow down to my chest. But it still offers a lot of shag to carry around. Good bye beard. I don’t know how I’m going to get things along without you, but tomorrow I’m going to try.

chris with beard

I used a trimmer with no guard to get close. Then I used the razor to make my first shave. The razor was very sharp and made a clean swipe on my face the first try. It didn’t take long to get back to my summer goatee. The shaving was easy on my face and my skin felt very soft and gentle after the shave.

shave to goat tee

But I couldn’t stop there. After missing my opportunity for some awesome chops, I took advantage of what was left.

The handlbar:


The ‘stach:


Ha! I look like an artist…mustache

Then finally, I finished her off … and now I look like my shaven brother’s doppelganger. This is the first time in 13 years that my upper lip and chin have seen the light of day.


My wife loved it! She even went to Instragram before I could write this post.

#whyyyy #whenheneedsmoretodo #hischinhasntseensunsincebeforeourwedding #kidsarefreakedout #ashbachfam2016

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My Thoughts

The razor was very comfortable to use. The head flexed very easily over my face’s contours and even skin that hasn’t been shaved for months easily handled a fresh shave. The handle of the razor was easy to hold and it was a great weight. I felt like it was very easy to control. 

It’s been about an hour since I shaved now and my face still feels very soft and smooth. I’m so happy I am set for the next 9 months.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to share and comment for a chance to win a Sam’s Club gift card.

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