Elderberry Gummy Vitamins

Elderberry Gummy Vitamins

If you haven’t tried elderberry syrup for immune support you are missing out! Not only on a healthier immune system but also on one of the tastiest syrups out there.

There is really only one way to make elderberry syrup even better. Gummy Vitamins made from Elderberry Syrup!

Why make gummies? Good question since most kids will take down elderberry syrup without batting an eye. My son in particular would eat the entire batch all at once were I to let him.

However, turning the syrup into gummies is just a great and healthy way to put more real gelatin into our diets. Gelatin offers protein, support for hair, skin and nail growth, benefits to joints, and improves digestion.

My toddler loves these and would eat an entire batch were I to let him. Click here to get the recipe and surprise your kids today.

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