Salted Toffee Cookie Bars

Salted Toffee Cookie Bars

This recipe for Salted Toffee Cookie Bars has crunchy base, thick chocolate and sweet, salted toffee. These wonderful treats are gooey, crunchy and simply sumptuous!

Salted Toffee Cookie Bars

When I was little, a friend’s mom used to make bars like these.  I haven’t thought of them in years.  The other day, I was looking through my mother’s old cookbook and saw a recipe for Toffee Bars and it all came flooding back.  A nostalgic memory of being young and enjoying a homemade treat.  I wanted to share those memories with my little boy and pass them on to him so I created my own version.  The photo is a little misleading because the bars look quite large, but they are delicate and thin and I have them cut into small pieces that are only about 3″ long.  I got 24 bars out of my 13×9 pan.

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