A DIY Pansy Lantern

A DIY Pansy Lantern

Have you noticed that the decorative lanterns are just getting bigger and bigger? I found one last fall at a great price. 

Pansy Lantern

Hi!  My name is Susan and I write for a blog called Momcrieff.   I love gardening and can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt!

I just can’t wait for spring much longer! I’m a gardener at heart. It’s killing me that we seem to have had snow almost every single day for the first half of April. Even the nurseries don’t have many spring flowers in them. But, they had enough so I could make myself a pansy lantern.

I figured it would be a great place to display some blooming plants. Safe from my cat who loves to chew on plants and flowers. I was too concerned over his health and over the dirt he dug up all the time to regularly keep plants in my home.

Read more to see detailed tutorial on how I put this together.

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