Chorizo & Manchego Stuffed Mushrooms

Chorizo & Manchego Stuffed Mushrooms

Add a little Mexican zing to your next batch of stuffed mushroom with the spicy flavor of fresh chorizo sausage and nutty Manchego cheese.  This melt in your mouth appetizer is perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party.

Chorizo-manchego-stuffed mushrooms-1

For this recipe I wanted a bite-sized morsel with a little zing and a cheesy finish. I chose baby bella mushrooms for this recipe although portobellos would be just as delicious. I also mixed in panko breadcrumbs to help bond my ingredients together. Baking these mushroom caps in a cast iron skillet in the oven helps distribute the heat and seal in the juices from the mushrooms. A baking sheet is another option if you don’t have a cast iron skillet.

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