Amazing Margarita Bars

Amazing Margarita Bars

Get ready for Cinco de Mayo and summer with these margarita bars! Tangy bite of lime and tequila make these lime bars perfect for your next fiesta!


You can leave the tequila out of this recipe but since the alcohol cooks out and all you’re left with is that subtle flavor I say leave it in and get yo’ party on! Plus make sure you sprinkle a little kosher salt on top to really complete the margarita effect. While I do go for raspberry margaritas I kept it traditional with lime flavors. But I will totally be trying a raspberry bar post haste. Because I can. And I wanna. And raspberry margaritas are life! Orrr something like that.

Ever made a lemon bar before? These are basically the exact same idea except with lime juice. Super simple, crazy tasty, and just in time for you to get your margarita bar on for Cinco de Mayo. Or a Tuesday. Or whatever.

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