DIY Pencil Organizer out of recycled paper tubes

DIY Pencil Organizer out of recycled paper tubes

Need a little help to keep all your pens, markers and pencils organized? This Easy DIY Pencil Holder is a great project to make with recycled toilet paper tubes.


I love making stuff out of things we normally throw away, like the humble toilet paper tubes. They’re great for all kinds of projects and this Easy DIY Pencil Holder is just another proof. And it’s also a great opportunity to make something fun with kids! As you may know I’ve done other toilet paper rolls projects and I absolutely loved making each and everyone of them!

My daughter and I have been traveling for a while with my husband, on his cruise ship and since Ellie likes to collect all kinds of coloring books and crayons and markers (and the list could go on forever), the cabin started to look a bit crowded, to say the least. Ellie is not very good at keeping things organized and so I found myself stepping on a pen or marker a few times (more like a million times!).


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