Lemon Raspberry Donut Holes

Lemon Raspberry Donut Holes

These simple 20 minute donut holes are great for a quick weekday breakfast treat or a simple addition to your brunch table. Filled with lemon curd and coated in a raspberry glaze they’re great for spring!

I do have these 20 minute donut holes but I wanted a springy flavor punch that would help me think warm thoughts. What is a springy-er flavor combo than lemon and raspberry? These crunchy and simple donut holes are filled with lemon curd and dunked in a sweet raspberry glaze and despite the fact that I  was too lazy for my rolled out sour cream donuts it really makes me want to dive elbow deep into yeast donuts. Yessssss please!

These babies really do come together in just 20 minutes and make about 16 golf ball sized donuts. If you want something smaller you can scoop them out with two spoons and roll them between your hands to form a ball but the dough is pretty sticky so I prefer to stick with a 1 Tbs cookie scoop. You could try as many fillings as you like with this which pretty much makes them my new go to donut! Nutella, jam, chocolate ganache, peanut butter. The opportunities are endless! Just make sure you don’t overfill them…ask me how I know.

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