Growing Cucumbers Indoors

Growing Cucumbers Indoors

Cucumbers are one of the most productive summer vegetables you can grow indoors.

Growing cucumbers that have been bred solely for the greenhouse is the easiest way to achieve a successful crop. In a perfect environment they can grow very long (up to 20 inches or 51 centimeters). For the most part they taste sweet and their skins tend to be thin, with the exception of pickling cucumbers bred for indoor growing. Greenhouse cucumbers are quite high yielding and do not need pollination. It is also possible to grow outdoor cucumbers indoors, however, you will have to be the pollinator in that case. If you decide to grow a combination of indoor and outdoor cucumbers, be aware that unless your indoor space is completely bug proof, a stray flying pollinator might accidentally cross-pollinate your plants. The result might be a marvelous new hybrid – or something that looks bizarre and tastes bitter. Read more about Growing Your Own Cucumbers.

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