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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As many of you know, I manage seasonal cabins up in Northern Minnesota. I really like having the ability to use CORT to help furnish them for our seasonal guests. Making a purchase for furniture just doesn’t make sense for us. We usually get a contract to manage a cabin for a year but with only 4 months of vacation time we need to be both flexible and budget conscience when new customers come on board with us. Furniture rental is a great solution for me because of these short time periods and transitions in our properties.


I want to highlight why CORT Furniture Rental is such a great deal for seasonal homes. Each year, I can rent my furniture, linens, and pillows. This means that my customers will have great quality products and I can confidently advertise clean, modern, and very comfortable accommodations during a guests stay. This is great for my guests and at the same time helps me differentiate myself because of our high standards at our properties.

In fact, we are running advertisements through May to bring on new summer properties. After a quick inspection of potential new summer homes, we will be using CORT to rent furniture and fill these properties with furniture to make them top notch for our guests.


Some years, I have actually moved to Northern Minnesota for months at a time to run this part of my business. The other way CORT helps me is to furnish a temporary home or apartment for myself. CORT is a great way to sort out these twists and turns with my family because when we find our seasonal home, it is move-in ready.

Your vacation rental should be as beautiful inside as it is outside.
Your vacation rental should be as beautiful inside as it is outside.

CORT make the experience of filling a cabin or seasonal home hassle free. But that wouldn’t be saying enough. CORT makes it possible for me to grow my business in a way that I simply could not otherwise. Many seasonal properties either have old furniture or sometimes very little. CORT’s on-demand service also makes my vacation rental business on-demand for my customers as well. 

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