Tender Focaccia Bread

Tender Focaccia Bread

Focaccia is perfect bread for any occasion! This tender focaccia is topped with black & green olives, seasoned with thyme and drizzled generously with extra virgin olive oil!


Focaccia is flat Italian bread usually topped with herbs, seasoned with olive oil and salt. For some extra flavors you can add olives, onions, cheese, meats or tomatoes. It is similar to pizza but its dough is way thicker and it’s not covered heavily with toppings.

Like I’ve mentioned several times already I love everything Italian! And focaccia is no exception! Three words come to my mind when thinking about focaccia (while my mouth is watering..a lot..): easy, yummy & versatile! I dare to say that it is one of the easiest breads to make (with Brown Irish Soda Bread being number 1). Don’t be put off by kneading or proving, it is no rocket science at all and it is easier than it might sound!


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