Jasmine Rice with Plantains & Cilantro

Jasmine Rice with Plantains & Cilantro

What could be better than potassium-rich plantains sautéed to a caramel-like deliciousness and tossed with sweet jasmine rice and fresh cilantro. And it’s so easy to make!

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an authentic Caribbean side dish that goes perfectly with margaritas and tacos, my Jasmine Rice with Plantains & Cilantro.

A recent trip to Cancun, Mexico inspired my love for this easy to make and delicious side dish. I indulged every time it was available on the buffet line. I even had it for breakfast one morning.

The trick with plantains is allowing them to ripen until they look almost black. Choose unblemished plantains and store them at room temperature. It can take up to a week or two to fully darken. When ready, chop off the ends and slide your fingers under the peel to remove it.


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