No Bake Key Lime Yogurt Graham Cracker Pies

No Bake Key Lime Yogurt Graham Cracker Pies

Turn that oven off! Stay cool with my No Bake Key Lime Yogurt Graham Cracker Mini Pies.


Keep dessert simple too by mixing together Greek yogurt and cream cheese with your favorite fruits or add-ins for an easy dessert that’s great for any occasion.

Summertime is right around the corner and that means swim and baseball season are in full swing, no pun intended.¬†Because we are a busy family,¬†I’m always looking for simple recipes, and desserts are no exception.

These easy-to-make mini pies are the perfect dessert that I can make ahead of time and who doesn’t love digging into the sweet, tart and tangy taste of key lime pie. These individual portions are perfect after a barbecue dinner with the family. And I always make extra for the neighbors. After all, whipping these up is as easy as pie!

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