Blueberry Flowers and Spring Foliage

Blueberry flowers
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Blueberry Flowers and Spring Foliage

Hello everyone! The blueberry bushes are exploding with fresh new foliage and blueberry flowers. I wanted to take just a minute and share with you the new spring growth! This post is sponsored by Monrovia. If you are looking for great blueberry bushes, please visit Monrovia®.

Blueberry flowers

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Ok, on with the post. I chose to share this with you because we are just past the initial buds on the blueberry bushes and I thought you would be interested in seeing what the new growth and flowers look like! Earlier this spring, we trimmed our bushes

Monrovia gave us three different kinds of plants. I’ll cover the Northland Blueberry first. This plant was the earliest of the three and you can see even though we cut back about 1/3 of the plant, the growth is vibrant. You can see bunches of blueberry flowers on the one year old growth from last year. These flowers are quite pretty, albeit small.

Northland Blueberry Flowers

Then we have the Chandler Blueberry. You can see for yourself what the new foliage looks like here. The flowers are also bunched together but these are elongated.

Chandler Blueberry flower

Finally, the Pink Icing Blueberries. This is one of the most beautiful blueberry bushes I have ever seen. The leaves are a vibrant pink. Here’s a picture of what they looked like. This bush has not produced flowers yet. 

Pink Icing Blueberry

Please check back and follow the growth of these bushes through the summer. If you want to learn more about blueberry growing, visit our page here.

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