Pittsburgh Cobb Salad & Creamy French Dressing

Pittsburgh Cobb Salad & Creamy French Dressing

A Pittsburgh Cobb Salad goes perfectly with homemade, creamy French dressing. Steak and home fries for dinner becomes a tasty salad for lunch the next day.


I didn’t become acquainted with the Pittsburgh steak salad until grad school. While out to lunch one day, my date told me about these yummy salads with steak and fries piled on top, along with cheese and other salad toppings. I had never heard of salads like that before but afterwards, I was hooked. Since then I’ve had just about every variation of steak salad you can think of… some healthy, some not … but always delicious. Till this day, this is my most ordered meal when going out to lunch. So in honor of the day I fell in love….with the steak salad….I give you a Pittsburgh Cobb Salad.

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