Cherry Strawberry Daiquiri

Cherry Strawberry Daiquiri

Cherry Strawberry Daiquiri is a sweet frozen cocktail perfect for a summer’s night of fun!


One of my favorite things about summers are all the fun, sweet, summery cocktails out there. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on the beach, or sitting on my couch, if I’ve got a cold cocktail on a warm summer night, I feel like I’m on vacation. Of all the cocktails in existence, frozen daiquiris are definitely at the top of my favorite’s list for two main reasons, 1.) They are delicious and 2.) You really can’t mess the recipe up. Just combine all the goodies in a blender and you are good to go!

Cherry Strawberry Daiquiris are a fun, slightly sweeter take on the regular old Strawberry Daiquiri. With the simple addition of cherries, you’ve got a whole new flavor on your hands. I asked my favorite food critic (disclosure: it was my husband) his thoughts on my cherry strawberry daiquiri recipe and he had the following things to say:

Wonderful for a hot summer evening!”

“The perfect beverage for a ladies’ night!”

“How about another?”

I’d say this simple summer cocktail recipe is definitely a hit in our house (disclosure: most cocktails are a hit in our house).

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Cherry Strawberry Daiquiri {Guest Post}

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