Chicken Salad with Lima Beans, Beets & Spinach

Chicken Salad with Lima Beans, Beets & Spinach

This salad is not only a perfect option for your lunch but is also great as appetizer or light dinner! It has it all! Vibrant colors, crunchiness, sweetness and on top of it it’s packed with vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and protein – goodies that your body needs to stay healthy!


I don’t usually make salads with meat. Normally, my salads are packed with vegetables and dressed with some light dressing. Occasionally I also prepare them with pasta. It’s like this with me and salads. I have my moments (that last for several days, sometimes even a week or two) when I feel like eating light. Like really light! This usually happens in summer, but it’s not a rule.

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