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At our house, we have a young lady who loves her tiger. It’s kind of a funny story. She was just learning to sleep in her big girl bed when she adopted this little tiger as her own to sleep with. It’s really quite cute. But the best part of it is, when we asked her the tigers name, she yelled out “It’s Hot Dog Water!” Yes, my youngest girl has a stuffed animal named Hot Dog Water.


Anyway, it is absolutely crucial that Hot Dog Water and my daughter unite each evening for books and then bed. Needless to say this combination, while adorable, requires that Hot Dog Water be washed from time to time. The challenge is that we can’t find a replacement to Hot Dog Water so once tiger wears out, that’s it …  We are very careful to be gentle with her.

I was able to get a Gently Gently Laundry Bag so I could wash tiger. It worked great and I didn’t have to worry about hurting poor Hot Dog Water.


The Gently Gently Laundry Bags come in a set of 4 mesh bags. They are used for lingerie, socks, baby clothes and other delicate items. You could also use them for sporting equipment that has velcro as well.

If you look at the bags, they are a very fine high-quality mesh that zippers open and shut. The design allows water and detergent to get through with no snagging.

If you have a special toy or delicate item you need washed, you can purchase this product right on Amazon. We were very happy with our results and I’m sure you will be too. 

Better yet! We are running a contest. Comment below with what you need washed in a laundry bag and we will pick one winner to get a free set of bags.

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