Sand Art Bottles Craft at the Beach

Sand Art Bottles Craft at the Beach

Learn how to make colorful sand art bottles at the beach. It’s fun and easy for all ages and perfect for your next seaside vacation.


We had a wonderful time on our spring break trip to the Gulf. We enjoyed lots of walks on the beach and playing in the sand. We colored sand with food coloring and used it to make sand castles and colorful designs. We also used to make some sand art bottles.

Ipicked up my tall bottles at a dollar store. You can see from the supplies photo that the one was a vinegar bottle. I removed the spout that was on the top and added a cork from a wine bottle. The cork was too big, so I whittled it down with a knive. We are displaying it with the vinegar lable in the back. I plan on hot gluing a shell we got at the beach to the top of the cork. Our short bottle is just a food jar we had on hand. It looks like it held maraschino cherries.

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