Dark Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Dark Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Eggless Dark Chocolate Beetroot Brownies with a hint of beetroot are the right treat for anyone who loves combining ordinary ingredients in a bit unusual way!


This was my first time experimenting with beetroot in the kitchen. Well, in baking to be exact and I think it was a successful day! The beetroot goes well with chocolate and gives the brownies nice flavor.

What do you think about beetroot? Are you a fan of this dark purple vegetable or do you rather prefer avoiding it as much as you can? For a long time I was in the second group. Avoiding it… Actually up until last week I didn’t know what a fresh beet tasted like! Imagine! Yeah, I know. As a kid I was forced to eat pickled beetroot and I didn’t like it at all so I guess that was why I had been avoiding eating it! But I have changed my view on this earthy vegetable and will definitely be included in more dishes in our kitchen!


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