Quinoa Breakfast Porridge with Hot Blueberry Drizzle

Quinoa Breakfast Porridge with Hot Blueberry Drizzle.

A beautiful union of delicious but easy to find spices and fruits in a simple and satisfying breakfast.


Ah porridge. Just the word conjures up images of snow-covered fields, warm hearths and roaring fireplaces, cold mornings and hot, rustic breakfasts beneath the covers.

This quinoa porridge is absolutely nothing like that. To start with it’s so cool you’re not even allowed to say ‘quin-o-ah’ – you’ve gotta call it ‘keen-wah’, otherwise you’re really not with it. And may well get arrested. By the pronunciation police.

It’s also not a thick, stodgy meal that porridge often turns into when not cooked right, but a relatively light, refreshing breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) bursting with fruit and the flavours of summer. Put short, it’s delicious.

One of the most exceptional things about this version of quinoa porridge is that it’s combined with a few tablespoons of hot blueberries. It has everything – Indian spices, crunchy nuts and these amazing almost-like-jam sweet blueberries. You don’t even need to add an additional sweetener! Right on.

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