DIY Homemade air freshener discs

DIY Homemade air freshener discs

These handy dandy air freshener discs made with baking soda and essential oils smell fantastic and will help with the smell around the house, office or in the car.


Air freshener discs can get pretty expensive, especially when you need to use lots of them so why not make your own using simple ingredients like baking soda and your favorite essential oils? These create a lovely, enjoyable atmosphere and with their help you can say good bye to chemical filled fresheners.

These are very easy and pretty quick to whip up and can easily be customized with scents of choice, dried flowers or spices. They can be baked in muffin tins in various shapes so you can add a fun twist if you feel like it. Use these air freshener discs to ban odor all around the house, in the bathroom, the trash can etc wherever foul odors lurk. You can even use these babies in the shower and pretend you’re having a spa session, am I right?


Air freshener discs

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