Awesome Grill Cupcakes

Awesome Grill Cupcakes

These grill cupcakes are easy to put together and perfect for your next backyard bbq or Father’s Day celebration!


My inner baker is one ambitious chick. She thinks she’s a master cookie, cake, and cupcake decorator. She can envision all these adorable ideas for decorated sugar cookies, cupcake creations, and beautiful multi-layered cakes. Then actual me goes into the kitchen and gets started and realizes my hands are not nearly as steady or my patience as thick as inner baker me. Sadly. A dozen lightly decorated sugar cookies I did for a friend’s birthday this year took me 3 hours. THREE HOURS!!

These cupcakes would be perfect for a backyard bbq or Father’s Day celebration! Use whatever little multicolored candies you like to make your skewers on top of your grill.  I went for Starbursts because they looked kinda like fruit kabobs but you could go with any soft candy that will be easy to skewer on a toothpick.

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