Very Berry Summer Slushie

Very Berry Summer Slushie

A slushie is one of my favorite summer treats and now I can make one at home!  Use sprite for the kids or make a grown up version with vodka!


One of my favorite summer memories as a kid was when I’d go to visit my grandparents and they’d take me to 7-11 for slushies.  This was a huge treat for me because my dad was totally against this kind of thing.  I’d stand there in awe in front of the huge machine and spend several minutes trying to decide what flavor to choose.

It took me several summers and a whispered conversation with a neighbor kid to realize I could mix flavors.  Mind.  Blown.  From then on I started experimenting with different flavor combinations and my absolute favorite was cherry and blue raspberry.  They made this delightfully purple slush when you mixed them and turned your mouth the same color.

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Very Berry Summer Slushie

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