Chocolate Tahini Crunch Bars

Chocolate Tahini Crunch Bars

These Chocolate Tahini Crunch Bars are the ultimate chocolatey treat, but as indulgent as they are, they are also packed full of healthy, nutrient rich ingredients like tahini, buckwheat groats, hemp hearts and rolled oats. All of these wholesome ingredients are combined with dark chocolate and tahini to make the most delicious and hard to resist bars.

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Chocolate and tahini are, quite literally, a match made in heaven. The rich, roasted sesame flavour coming through in the chocolate is so good, and the textures from the other crispy, crunchy and chewy ingredients are out of this world!

These Chocolate Tahini Crunch Bars only take ten minutes max to make, then need a few hours to set up in the fridge, although you could hurry this along by placing them in the freezer for a little while instead. Once they are set, all you need to do is slice them into bars or squares and you are good to go. I cut mine into sixteen bars but you can make yours as big or small as you like. They are pretty rich so I wouldn’t advise cutting them too big.

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