Easy Strawberry Cocktail

Easy Strawberry Cocktail

This Easy Strawberry Cocktail is made with strawberry schnapps, vodka, lemonade & cranberry juice.  It’s the perfect summer cocktail for warm summer nights or days by the pool.


I always have strawberries on hand (even in the winter), so I set out to find a recipe for cocktails containing strawberries.  In my search, I came across a drink called the long kiss goodnight.  I loved the sound of that so I looked a bit further.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t my sort of drink.  I then found a drink called a goodnight kiss and again, it just wasn’t my thing so I decided to create my own drink  – the kiss I can handle myself.

This drink is really delicious.  It’s just the right amount of sweetness with just the right amount of kick.


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