Ideas for Full Sun Containers

Ideas for Full Sun Containers

Here are some tips on how to grow a large, lush and beautiful container filled with sun loving plants. With a few well chosen plants and other tips you will have a great planter will bloom all summer long.

Sunny Planter Ideas ~

Recently I showed you some tips and ideas for a shady planter. Today I’ll show you my favorite full sun planter ideas, along with a few other tips. Growing a lush and beautiful planter in full sun is easy. There are many choices at the nursery, so it helps to have a game plan in mind before you go.

I like to plant in large containers. Typically fiberglass and plastic these days, because the industry is producing really pretty ones for today’s market. They hold up well, are easy to move, and help retain water longer, so that you don’t need to get out the watering can or hose everyday.  Larger planters also means that your plants will have some extra room to grow and pull moisture from. Finally, larger means more plants, resulting in a very beautiful and lush planter.

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