Lemony Lemon Cupcakes

Lemony Lemon Cupcakes

These lemony lemon cupcakes are the perfect mix of tart and sweet! And with lemonade powder for that tangy lemon flavor they couldn’t get any easier!


I love cupcakes.  I love making cupcakes.  Experimenting with cupcakes.  Eating cupcakes.  So when my mom mentioned that lemon cupcakes were her favorite I was so ready.  I’ve made lemon cupcakes before using juice and zest but they’re never as mouth-wateringly lemony as I want them to be.  I like lemon flavor so tart you get that tingly feeling at the back of your jaw and just have to suck your cheeks in until it passes.  Yum.

I saw pink lemonade cupcakes on Pinterest just the other week and I wondered if I could use the lemonade powder to really amp up the lemon flavor.  They turned out better than I ever would have expected.  I did cheat and use a boxed cake mix because I’m trying to get my family to eat less processed food.  Wait wait wait hear me out.  Because I didn’t care about how much processed food we at back in the day {i.e. 3 days ago} we have a stockpile full of the stuff.  And while I do plan on getting us on a healthy diet as low in processed foods as I can possibly manage I have to get rid of it first, right?  Right.

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